Advantages of NdFeB magnet

Advantages of NdFeB magnet
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NdFeB permanent materials are based on the inter-metallic Nd2Fe14B which has a very high Br and Hcj. 
High energy density makes NdFeB widely used in the modern industry and electronic applications, which makes instruments, generators, magnetic separators etc, smaller, lower weight, and thinner.
The advantages of NdFeB are high cost/performance ratio and good mechanical properties, while the disadvantage is the low Curie temperature with bad temperature resistance. We have to improve its chemical composition and do surface treatment to achieve actual applications.
The process of sintered NdFeB magnets is powder metallurgy, the smelted alloy powders are pressed into mould in the magnetic fields, the compression block was sintered into densified products. We usually do thermal effect processing in order to promote the Hcj of the magnets.
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